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The master health package is a comprehensive set of medical tests which covers multiple aspects of health and wellbeing. The package includes tests which assess cardiovascular health, blood glucose, kidney function, liver function and cholesterol level. The purpose of the MASTER health package is to identify any kind of existing illness, as well as potential risks for future health conditions. It can be a valuable tool for maintaining good health and preventing serious health issues from developing in near by future.

Ultrasonography is a non-invasive diagnostic imaging method that relies on the transmission and reflection of sound waves to create detailed images of various parts of the body. It is commonly used in medicine for both diagnostic and monitoring purposes.


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Frequently asked questions.

Ans: Master Health Checkups are recommended for individuals of all ages, especially those above 40 or with a family history of certain medical conditions. It’s also beneficial for individuals leading busy lifestyles or experiencing stress-related health concerns.

Ans: The benefits include early detection of diseases, prevention of health issues before they worsen, monitoring of existing health conditions, personalized health recommendations, and peace of mind regarding your well-being.

Ans: The frequency of Master Health Checkups depends on various factors such as age, medical history, lifestyle, and risk factors. Typically, it’s recommended to undergo an annual health checkup, but your healthcare provider can advise you on the best schedule based on your individual circumstances.

Ans: Fasting may be required for certain blood tests included in the Master Health Checkup package. Your healthcare provider will provide specific instructions regarding fasting requirements, if any, prior to your appointment.

Ans: Yes, patient confidentiality is strictly maintained. Your test results will only be shared with you and your healthcare provider. We adhere to strict privacy policies and regulations to safeguard your personal health information.

Ans: Many insurance companies offer coverage or reimbursement for Master Health Checkup expenses, depending on your policy. We recommend checking with your insurance provider regarding coverage details and any specific requirements.


You can schedule a Master Health Checkup by contacting our diagnostics center via phone, email, or through our online booking portal. Our friendly staff will assist you in selecting the appropriate package and scheduling your appointment at your convenience.