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Top Rated Pre-Operative Health Checkup Below 40yrs Available

Pre-Operative health checkups are a series of medical examinations conducted to suggest measures to prevent diseases. It helps to estimate the current health condition of a person and in the early detection of disease. Pre-Operative health check-ups help to identify specific habits, infections, behaviors, medical conditions before it reaches an advanced or critical stage.  


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Frequently asked questions.

Ans: Make sure you have not eaten anything for 10-12 hours prior to your check-up. Get sufficient rest before the health check. Avoid fatty meals, alcohol and smoking 24 hours prior to your health check. Please refer to the section on detailed guidelines under package details.

Ans: A health check-up allows you to “know your numbers”. Your blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and body mass index are important markers of your overall health that indicate a healthier life. The Key Health Indicators are checked and any deviations will be observed carefully by our physicians and necessary advice would be provided to improve these.

Ans: The interval is specific to an individual depending on their health status. The general classification would be that beyond the age of 40 an individual must undergo bi-annual health check-ups and below the age of 40, they must undergo annual checkups. 

Ans: We carry all the assessments in a peaceful and welcoming atmosphere at our dedicated space for health check-ups. A health check team will help you through the stages of the health check-up so that you can navigate easily through the checkup.